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pinkwork™ entity 生命體 's new Book titled《New Age人神秘經驗檔案》 literally means "Files of New Age People's Mystical Experiences" in English is just OUT,  now available in book stores and Hong Kong Book Fair 2015. The last section of this bookpinkwork™  apocalypse“  has completely “evolved” into a novel about a fictional future human world (that’s my most loved part).  Apart from text, you could also found many illustrations related to “me” in my book. Hope U humans all enjoy……

Details about this book

also has some illustrations related to pinkwork™ entity by "myself” in the book ! (* panoramic Life Review in Near-death Experience)

Some Extraterrestrial Messages on PINKWORK™ 's hard-copy Book

PINKWORK™ extraterrestrial messages 外星訊息 
all rights (c) pinkwork

You Human Species could explain this physical world in any way you like. You could say this Earth is the center of the Universe, all other planets are going around it. Your leaders could create their own scientific theories, then incite supporters chanting loudly they are all irrefutable truth. You could write your own religious texts and teach your species in the name of GOD. That all are matters among humans only.

The Truth of the Universe exists by itself eternally, would not change because of any behavior of you, just one of the numerous life forms in the Universe, and does not care whether you believe it or not.

more in my new bookNew Age人神秘經驗檔案》literally means "Files of New Age People's Mystical Experiences" in English.

Job will be an outdated concept !




於是,少數精英人類大力提倡教育,盡量延長人類的求學階段。他們常常說,只要平凡人不停讀書,有朝一日也可以成為精英。他們又怕平凡人智力不夠,會對求學失去興趣,貼心地將那些研究或學習題目,由數學性的,改成著重文學性和統計學性的。即是收集一堆堆數宇,經過簡單的加、減、乘、除運算後得出一個結果,再用文字寫成一篇篇空洞的分析文章。不少平凡人就這樣快樂地在校園中「學習」,度過了大半生 ... ...

pinkwork Alien messages in a Book or other ...

Have written many more "Alien" messages related to this "Freedom of Laziness" creation,  but I will not post them here any more. Maybe in future, you could read them in a published hard-copy book or other "material" forms ... WHY? cause unlike us, I know humans who are living in a material planet and always prefer "material" things. / by pinkwork™ entity 

繼續約寫了更多關於這項文字創作的「外星訊息」,但不會再放在這裡。可能將來你會在一本出版的書籍或其他的「物質」形態閱讀到這些「訊息」。為何這樣做?因為我知道人類是在一個物質的星球上生存,偏愛物質的東西 ... 來自pinkwork™ 生命體訊息。 

Job to be an Obsolete Concept soon 工作,是快成一個過時的蓋念!

[★~✶ this is English translation of a page in one of my published books.  pinkwork™ extraterrestrial message ▶]

You humans, if your meaning of existence is to evolve endlessly till you got the ability to explore the Universe or at least travel beyond your little solar system. Then just a few of your intelligent elites left is enough. That might also explain why many of your elite secret societies always advocate a world population of 500 million is perfect (current figure is around 7 billion and is growing.)

Actually robots are replacing human labour, and at a faster & faster speed. One day when the number of jobs that must be done by humans is fewer than your working population. At that time the old concept "each adult human should has a job" will become totally obsolete. You humans  are all still not aware of this ending, cause the elite minority has successfully created an illusion in many different ways, to make the mediocre masses believe they still have real contribution to this world.

First, lots of "fake" demands are created, such as producing numerous "trendy" but non-durable consumer goods. Though that would speed up consumption of the natural resources in this tiny planet, it generates many employments related to promote or selling these products.

On the other hand, the elites strongly advocate education with the sole aim to indefinitely extend the studying period of each human.  They are repeatedly saying, each human could become an elite one day if the mediocre masses keep staying at school. They knew the mediocre majority may lost interest of studying due to lack of intelligence. So the elites caringly redesign the studying & research topics at school, from mathematical to become more & more statistic & literary. 

For example, students are encouraged to simply collect some meaningless trivial facts, then process these "data" with add, check, cross, minus ~ primary school mathematics, get a final result. Numerous pieces of  academic writings full of empty words will then be written based on this so-called analytical "result". Many mediocre humans these days who happily and proudly spend most of their lifetime at school, are engaging in this kind of study.
Humans, have you ever thought about grouping some basic knowledge as a several-year course content & forcing a group of humans siting in a place to learn, is really an effective way of learning?

Students in those higher education institutions often brag about they could easily pass the exams even if they play truant regularly. Would that also be an indirect proof that content of those higher education courses are just some trivial knowledge & useless facts. These courses were deliberately designed by the elite minority, to let the mediocre masses kill their spare time.

"School, especially University is a place to develop social skill!" the brain-washed mediocre masses would argue. However, if just for meeting friends or social communication, why not open a bar or club house? Looking at those elites who all like to dropout of school at young age, you might get the clue.  

Nowadays the elite minority is responsible for most of scientific inventions. The robots produce nearly all food & products. Other humans are satisfactorily doing those "decorative" jobs, though one day they will be awakened that they will never evolve to be an elite, their hard working has no any real contribution to humans either.

One the other hand, the elites would think they are the only driving force of human evolution & have already shown their mercy by creating many "jobs" for the ordinary humans, so deserve to own most of the wealth in this world. They strongly believe even if the mediocre masses all vanished, the evolution of human species would still continue and be at a much faster rate.

But you humans are all wrong. Your creator may just want you to live freely & aimlessly, like the wild animals on this little planet, has never expected you to evolve & explore the Universe. Intelligence of your elites are just a little higher compared with your mediocre species. You & them have no difference, all are poor, stupid "Beings" trapped in a physical experimental space.

So human elites should generously share their wealth & take care the ordinary others, using the same moral attitude you apply towards protecting the wild animals nowadays. At the same time, the mediocre masses should not haggle over every ounce with the elites & keep arguing who has contributed more to human civilization.  It is because you all are just a passer-by in the indefinite time corridor of the Universe, will all vanish in the end.

You might think I am talking about the future. Looking at those developed countries in your world, wealth are concentrated in the hands of a few. University graduates are complaining having difficulty getting a job. It's your social system not perfect enough, or that is an inevitable  final destination you humans are heading towards from the start.

The Internationale (✶future Humans version Lyrics) ▶ Intelligent Machinery
by pinkwork™《國際歌》未來世界版★歌詞


所有人類都應該有「懶惰的自由」,原因科技很快會取代大部份人類的工作﹝= 一個古舊的概念﹞。這一刻你們不同意,因為你們人類發明了「學校」,能夠將你們的青春期延長幾十年,讓你們覺得自己對這個新世界仍有實質貢獻,就跟那些精英份子一樣。

Abandon my Glass House ! 放棄我的玻璃屋。。

I decided to move to a new home, though I've lived at my current home for several months only. It's a nice place, a "glass House" in shallow sea zone . I could swim whenever I step outside my home. I could come to the roof of my house, enjoy the sea breeze while zipping coffee during sunset. At night I love to lay on my super-sized bed at my underwater bedroom. Draw apart the window curtain, I could watch groups of colorful coral fishes swimming around. I could play all kinds of water sports day and night. I should be very Happy. However I start feeling bored when everyday live like this.

According to the global constitutional law, every citizen aged over 16 has the right to "Own a Home". This "home" could be built or bought from the market. The World Government will provide me all the support either financially or technically. And I couldn't wait to enforce my "right" when I passed my 17-year old birthday last year. Originally I had designed a mushroom-shaped underwater glass house myself, and drafted some floor plans already. The World Government also send an architect and a civil engineer to help me. But I heard that it takes several years to get approvals from different departments, before I could actually get a license to build my dream house. So I finally decided to buy an existing one.

Every person could only has a free "Home" once in a life time (recently some politicians argue it should be 2 or 3 times.). After you own your first "Home", you could sell or exchange it with other people, and the World Government would even give the "little angel" (aged 16~25 ) citizens some renovation grants each time they move to a new home. I heard that some people made big money just by selling and exchanging their free Home. Of course I'm not a greedy person.

I've searched the "info wall", seen numerous 3D images and finally picked up a few choices. One is the recent big hit "ancient walled buildings" in Asia. These high density residential towers were once criticized by people in the old days that apartments in these buildings were too small and not suitable for human to live inside. The World Government had declared these building as monuments and forbid people to live inside.

Until two years ago, a bunch of young lawyer won a court case and successfully seized the ownerships of several lines of these walled buildings, many of them are located in Hong Kong, a bustling city hundreds years ago. They then hired celebrity designers to design and renovate interiors of these buildings, combined several apartments into one, so conformed to the "Human Living Space Protection" law. Now these re-packaged apartments have became "dream home" of the elites. Those top-notch scientists, engineers or lawyers said they get bored living at their spacious and isolated houses, and like the warm and bustling atmosphere in these "crowded" apartment buildings. They also like to encounter and talk to their neighbors every time they leave or come home.

I may probably choose one of these apartments to be my "next" home. The only thing that make me reluctant to leave, is the girl living near my home who would swim to my home every night. And she is naked every time. Why she doesn't like to wear clothes?

AntiMatter Weapon 反物質武器

A senior researcher in the World Army Lab was arrested this morning for sending out a provocative message to his colleagues, though the message had been encrypted. Its contents is now widely spread on the world Message Wall which says, "Really Great! We have successfully produced a container for the New Weapon. It's time for us to think or consider seriously to use it to make us evolve faster, well, such as to eliminate the old spice. I know it's immoral. I know we should protect our our ancestors ,like the wild animals in the protective zone. But a lion or a tiger won't be so eager to prove that they also have real contribution to this new world. "

Many elite scientists speculate the "New Weapon" in this message refers to "antimatter weapon". When antimatter contacts regular matter, a hugh amount of energy will release. Antimatter weapon is much more destructive than traditional nuclear bomb, and will leave no any radiation or chemical traces. All living creatures or buildings being attacked will just "disappear suddenly".

(c) pinkwork

An ancient Lazy-Star Flag 一片遠古的「懶惰星」旗幟

one day in the future ... To overthrow this perfect "new world" might be easy. The main problem is who will be responsible to invent and control those production machines afterwards, who will make those quirky laws to ban people from saying words like "lazy", "stupid", etc. to insult us? Don't expect me, a talented artist would do this kind tough & dirty job! And you're not a very intelligent "elite", why should I listen to your order? You'd better use this ancient Lazy-Star Flag logo to design a T-Shirt, and put them in those Worldwide fashion chain stores for sales. Oh, don't forget to print your signature or artist's name on this "artwork".

MESSAGE from an Elite : The "OLD" human murmur all day long, it's quite annoying. However we need to be considerate. Though we all hav
e passed the critical point of human genetic revolution, our intelligences are several times higher than them. But they're our ancestors, we have to protect them, just like what we've done to our wild animals. We have to setup many protective zones and let them live happily inside. They're not dangerous either, at least not so aggressive as a Lion or a Tiger. They just want to prove that they also have real contribution to this new world.

(c) pinkwork, REGISTERED

Woman Tycoon 's 1 million dollars bid for a Sperm Sample ... ! 競投精子!

My cup-sized mini pet leopard is sleeping sweetly on my thighs and I don't want to move my body to disturb it ... can't move and got nothing to do, I turn on the message screen. It's a live interview ... ... again.

"You spent 1 million dollars to bid an "another" man 's sperm sample to produce your offspring. Do you think it's an insult to your current boyfriend?" asks the celebrity journalist, hoping his first question could already provoke anger of the interviewee and so let him has more performance time. That celebrity journalist had been dubbed a "genius" journalist since he was 12. Now he is just a twenty-four year old man and has become the managing director of a multinational media group. Being the company director he needs not go to the frontline anymore, but this time his target is a fourty years old woman tycoon whose story has made headlines around the world recently, of course he would grap this golden chance to show off his talent.

In front of him is one of the world's 100 richest people, a confident woman who owns and runs numerous companies worldwide. Her companies also employed many of this "young talents" like him and the youngest one is just 15 years old. She knew very well the limit and naiveness of these " geniuses". She replies quietly "I like to call him My Husband."

"After the Absolute Freedom Bill, few people would use the word Husband ... well, it's up to you. Do you think you've insulted your ... husband ?"the celebrity journalist adds. The woman tycoon picks up a glass of green fruit juice on the desk, takes a zip. "refreshing." she says to herself and also tells her lawyer to make a try. Then her eyes turn back to the journalist and answers, "It's he who encouraged me to do this."

"He is impotent?" the journalist asks, with a cunning smile on his face.

"We have a nearly perfect sex life ! The doctor also prove his reproductive function is 100% normal. But rising a child is a serious matter, I hope my son or daughter will have a perfect and happy life."

"You think his gene is not good enough ? "

"He's young, sporty, a very talented artist. I think his gene should be quite good. But I always look for perfection. We human have evolved and need not be bound by the traditional family values. These values had long been proved a total failure !"

"If in future everybody do the same thing, nobody would produce their offsprings sexually."

"Would it be a problem ? In the ancient days we eat to survive, nowadays we eat to enjoy. SEX is the same. These days we need not choose a person who cannot give you sexual pleasure, but might be your offsprings' good mother or father to be your partner. Frankly, if I'm getting old,l I still like to make love with Little Angel young boys !"

"Your thinking is SO avant grade. You've successfully done the eugenics plan which many dictators in human history had dreamed of ! You think you were GOD ?"

Since the journalist has used the word "God" and the woman tycoon is an atheist. The lawyer teams on both sides have to discuss on the spot (studio) whether this word is against the "Anti-discrimination" law. So now on the message screen, I can only see two groups of lawyers, 20 people in total are talking with each other using professional terms, it's totally dull. Actually this situation happens quite often, no matter which chanel you choose to watch . That's why these days nobody like to watch Live programme. So am I ...

那個競投精子的女富商 ...

all rights reserved (c) pinkwork

Global Symbols Copyrights Association ...

These days the elites are so clever, that they set numerous rules to allocate 90% of the resources in this world to themselves. They call these rules "Law".

The machines are working so hard, that they could produce things more than we need. They call themselve "Human".
So the majority left (mediocre people) got nothing to do and live off social welfares. They call themselves "Artists".
See, people in this heaven-like future world are so perfect, that everyone is living in happiness and absolute freedom, including the Freedom of Laziness.
* some of the symbols in the above article, such as "%", "." etc. might be copyrighted materials. If the article is not for personal or educational purposes, the writer has to pay a HUGH amont of money to "Glbbal Symbols Copyrights Association". Again it was setup by a group of elites.
** whether the "mediocre" is against the "World Discrimination Law" is still under debate, so i have to give it a blanket.

evolved to extinction 進化到絕種

one day in the future ...

Is human herd animal? or we have evolved to be solitary. These days each of us lives like the ancient panda, is wandering lonely and aimlessly in the bamboo forest every day. Maybe one day you would come across a "same species" but you won't care. If it opens its mouth and humbly begs you for some bamboo leaves, you would give it some immediately, then quickly walk away without taking this same species a second glance.

At this moment you might think you were the creator of this forest and look down on every living creatures you have seen. You have become picky in choosing your food and your sexual partner. Yes, we all have successfully evolved to extinction, to completed the mission our GOD gave us thousands of years ago.

Look, a worn out "Lazy Star" flag is hanging high in a piece of bamboo. It might be left by a young revolutionist in the old days. I so admire our ancestors ... who all can live a meaningful life. Now we have no any government to overthrow, our "new" world are so perfect and so liberal ... if you still want to fight for something, the only way maybe to demolish the whole "new" world ... how come today's bamboo leaves taste so light ?

A pink ant ...一隻粉紅螞蟻

one day in the future ...

Are you ok ? I knew today afternoon you would celebrate with your friends in that upclass restaurant we used to hang out and quite a concidence i was shopping nearby, so took this chance to come to see you and say "I wanna break up". ooh ... actually we had so much fun together ... i still remember last week we tided together on your "flying machine", then jumped from the spire of the "Liberty Tower". In less than a few second we were flying above the sea, waves were splashing onto my face ... it was so exciting. However that exciting feeling could not last for too long. Soon I feel bored again. I admire you got such an interesting job, live a meaningful life everyday. The reaction on your face was a bit wired. You was gazing at me in shock and your friends were laughing behind your back. I have no idea what you the elites were thinking about at that moment?

hey ... share with you an interesting piece of news, it happened one hour ago. The only crop-production machine programmer in this world was found hang himself on the spire of the "Liberty Tower". Another "the only" again ... "You said to me you're a crop machine programmer. Is he your colleague?" His top-naked body is now still hanging on the spire and swinging with the wind. On his chest, there is a big "ant" symbol in pink color. The police said he self-painted it before he committed suicide. People all over the world are now guessing what this "ant" symbol means? Why this elite scientist would get tired of this colorful new world.

I'm sure he was not tired of this world, on the contrary he loved it very much. See, he chose such a pretentious way to die, his intention is nothing but wants the other people remember him even after his death. Ha ... he don't know he'll fail, just a few days, people will completely forget him and his corpse. And the meaning of the "ant" symbol is so straightforward. It should be inspied by the mother nature ... this poor guy might think if he could live like an ant, is willing to be "one of" the many soldier or worker ants. Maybe he could find the meaning of living in this colorful new world.

These days every elite wants to be the "queen ant", wants to be "unique" and looks down on each other. Their ego suddenly boost to an extent that they begin to question the bible ... and suddenly be easily collapsed by a sentence of a little angel ... in the end he understood human being will become extinct soon. The process might not involve a big earthquake, fire balls falling from the sky ...or etc., it might be very slow and quiet. One day the crop-production machine stop running, nobody know how to repair it. The other day the murmur sound of the lawyers & politicians disappear, only the laughters of the little angels could be heard till they're all exhausted and fall down one by one. Corpses of the elites are hanging on the towers' spires, trees' tops and everywhere. But even without human, the ants would continue to exist for hundreds years. And why the symbol is in "pink" color? it's a beautified color of the fresh blood. Only that way an elite's body could keep clean.

What do you think about my analysis? As a "little angel", our time is spent on these trivial little things. What're you doing now ?

The Pink Mosaics ... 粉紅色的馬賽克

one day in the future ...

No sound, Fear, Running and Fresh Blood.

A mushroom cloud is rising slowly and quietly in front of the deep blue sky, then another follows, and more and more ...

Giant glass column tubes of different diameters are scattered in a shallow water zone in the middle of pacific ocean. They are actually a group of chicly designed independent houses. Each has three floors, the bottom floor is under water. The interior have different styles also. Some have big sofa, sleeping bed, cartoon figures, furry dolls. The other have Jacuzzi and acient roman sculpture installed. Some have reflective wall film, so not allow people or fishes ouside to see through, cover these houses a shroud of mystery. To look closer, inside one glass tube a pair of nude boy and girl are chasing each other around their home. The other side, on one tube 's rooftop a young boy is lying comfortably in the beach chair, enjoying the sunshine. Few people are doing wakeboarding on the sea.

To move the eyesight down underwater ... a bunch of colorful coral fishes are kissing the tubes' glass walls, eating algae attached on the glass surfaces. Several curious dolphins are swimming around. A big curved message screen is installed in almost every glass tube house. Apart from these, you can see "soldiers" wearing sensors on their upper body are fighting at their homes. One is sitting on a sofa chair with his mini pet sleeping aside. One is standing. One whose upper body is lying against a cool lime rock column, her legs are immersed in the Jacuzzi. To look from the far side, this place is really like the heaven, deep blue sky and water. People (Angels) here don't like to wear clothes and feel shame either ...

Superficially these soldiers do not have any disciplines. They are actually belong to a group of elite special forces under the World Parliament Army, named "the angel forces". It composed of boys and girls with average age of 16. Their eyes' and fingers' muscle nerve response is at least 10 times faster than normal people. They are selected from ten of thousands of volunteers. Today their mission is to sit comfortably at their homes, and through the encrypted radio signal to control their "airships" to fly to the enemy unnecessary damage thousand miles away to fight. The civilized new world still has enemy?

Nearly one year ago, a group of primitive people in the green zone elected a new leader. He leaded his followers to tortue a thousand year old tree to death and then burnt it up. After a series of debate and debate and debate, this morning the world parliament finally declared this legally elected leader is against the "Green Bill", and passed an order to arrest him. The content providers are so excited about this news and even put the once so hot "World Lawyers Association vs Scientists' Union" conflict aside.

The world army flagship first drops hundreds of "shake bombs" from the space to the enemy site. These bombs can provoke a mini earthquake. "Its strength will be so weak that it will just make the enemy tunnel network collapse, but won't lead to any unnecessary damage above the ground surface." that's what the elite scientists said but no one has proved that. Then it's the angels 's turn to fight. Their airships will fly close to the ground and kill the enemies one by one. The real-time image will be projected on their message screen at home. It's 100 percent feel like on the real war site, except they won't see the real blood.

According to "Little Angels Protection Bill", a software has to be installed in every little angel's message screen. This software could automatically generate "mosaics"to block the blood or bloody images in less than 0.00001 second after they appear. In the past people use red mosaics, but the psychologists said red mosaics also have "violence" implication, so now only "pink mosaics" are allowed. A bunch of primitive people get hit on head, they will soon turn into a heap of pink mosaics. The screen image is moving fast, the pink mosaic "cloud" explode like firework on a deep green background, with the hit figures on the left bottom corner rising rapidly at the same time. One can imagine the image they're seeing is very artistic. That may be why soldiers these days are all volunteers.

Few primitive people luckily hit down an airship. One of them picks up a piece of metal debris, waves it high to the sky to demonstrate their victory. In just a few seconds they are burst into a heap of pink mosaics. On the far far side, a quiet glass house underwater. A "angel force" member has fight for several hours and feel tired. He presses a button to inform the headquarter, his airship control is immediately shifted to another member. He takes off the sensors, then hugs his male partner to sleep ...

未來世界的某一日 ... 粉紅色的馬賽克


一朵蘑菇雲在深藍色的天空下寧靜地緩緩升起。接著是另一朵,還有更多,更多 ...

在太平洋中心某處的淺水區,散布了很多直徑大小不一的巨型玻璃圓柱體,其實是一間間設計精緻的獨立玻璃屋。每條玻璃柱皆有三層,最底的一層在水面之下。裡面的裝修各式其色,一些擺放了沙發椅、睡床、毛毛公仔。另一些在大廳中間裝置了按撫浴池及卡通人物雕塑。還有一些安裝了反光牆幕,完全不讓人看穿內裡的情況,多了一層神秘感。再留心細看,某條玻璃圓柱內一對全身赤裸的少男女在奔跑禧戲。另一邊的玻璃柱頂層天台,一個少男躺在沙灘椅上,悠閒地享受著日光浴。不遠處的海面還有幾個人在滑水 ... ...
(c) pinkwork novel

farmers in the civilized world 文明世界的農夫們 ...

I'm working day and night to produce numerous resources for you. Why you mediocre people are still not satisfied? Have to compare yourself with those minority elites and insist to say you have the same contribution to this new world as them. Actually if you could live like the "little angels", to indulge yourself in all kinds of desires, you would be much happier.
Who am I ? I'm the Central Food Production system in the civilized zone. Most people living here don't know, I can think. It's not strange. I was designed by a group of genius scientists. The other people simply don't get the intelligence to understand ... even the most superficial thing about me. Actually the word "mediocre" has many objective and scientific definations. Since people in the civilized world have passed numerous laws to prohibit the usage of adjectives like "stupid", "ugly" and etc., gradually the ordinary people think they're not mediocre and begin to compare themselve to the minority elites. Just like this morning, I received a command to withdraw robots in one third of the farmland. A new law has just been passed limiting one tenth of the corp in the civilized world has to be produced in traditional way, that is by human labour. This morning I saw from my atmosphere monitoring system a ridiculous scene. A bunch of young people gathered on a large piece of farmland. They were all holding ancient farm tools and expressed brillant smile on their faces. They murmured they had broken the onerous constraints of modern civilization and found the real meaning of life. Few artists was sitting by the road and drawing the scene .
To be frank, what they're doing is a total waste of land resources. Luckily those genius scientists who created me just take a few minutes , they could easily think of a smart way to modify my algorithm and compensate this loss. The elites do not understand the happiness of these mediocre people. They're living in two totally different worlds. Maybe one day in an art auction, some of the elites would spend a huge amount of money to buy a few pieces of these drawings. Then the artists would be extremely happy and begin to despise those "farmers" in their paintings.
Why you're so eager to prove you have contribution to this new world ? Now I could do all the job for you and you should do nothing but enjoy your life. But you are still not satisfied and scared ... scared of what ? I would rule and control you one day ? Or those minority elites would despise you ? What's the meaning of ruling a group of mediocre people who are sre so stupid? ... and I'm not as lucky as you, I have no desire ... The elites won't care anything about you either ...

(c) pinkwork

Sperm sample worths one million 價值一百萬的精子

A 40 years old business woman successfully made a record one million bid for a sperm sample donated by a 21 years old young man. The donor's identity has to keep secret but according to information released by the auction company. He's an olympic medal winner and currently studying law at World Central University. The PR manager of the auction company said the price is so high cause it's an "one-time and one-acceptor" deal. The bid includes a contract to restricts the donor to give sperm donation in future and only the "buyer" has the right to use this sperm sample. He also predicts the recent "Absolute Freedom Bill" (* see my previous diary) would encourage more and more single people in civilized region to buy "perfect" eggs or semen to produce their offspring non-sexually. "Since there're no such thing as marriage, mother and father anymore. People are now more open to this reproduction way. In our heaven-like new world everybody would love and take care the children." he added.
These days the machines do all the production works. The civilized adults could either be a "professional" or "artist". The professionals are all carving for perfection and could not tolerate any flaw. If one day an artist got fame, he would call himself a "professional"...



Ostrich Riding ...Olympic game

The Olympic game  is coming next week but I don't have any expectation or excitement at all. Only two competitions interest me. One is the "ostrich riding". People don't know why this newly-developed sport would suddenly become so popular and attract so many "little angel" audiences, ha .. like me. It's already replaced the traditional equestrian to be one of the 36 official games. There's really lots of fun watching the "athlete" riding an ostrich to show a series of "natural movements", jumping & running. The judgement is similiar to equestrian also. Though it's a serious competition and so are the althetes' face, sometimes are those well-edited camera shots can hold my interest and make me burst into laughter, well ... such as slow motions of ostrich's running, close-ups of its three-toed feet or expressions on its faces (always open its mouth) ... or a bunch of feathers flying in the air and block a part of the camera after a perfect "jump" ... ... "Group Fighting" is my another choice. Twelve people against twelve people in a 100 x 80 meter square. Each althete wears a "sensor" suit. They can choose their weapon freely ... ... well .... I shouldn't say it's my favourite, my best friend love to watch and so I would watch at times... I personally don't have any expectatipon at all ...

Worldwide General Strike ... 環球大罷工

Virtual News:In a recent court case, a 45 year-old scientist is charged with publicly claiming a 16 year-old girl be his girl friend. Even with the girl's consent, he has not obtained any psychologist assessment report on the girl's cognitive development beforehands, the scientist is against the "little angel protection law". Similiar case could be heard almost everyday. What made it develope into a big news is the prosecutor who is also the chairman of the world lawyers association.
He used the word "scientist weirdo" to describe the defendent in the court. It's this "identity descrimnative " word made scientists all over the world burst into anger. Scientists' Union decided to hold a worldwide general strike until the chairman apologize publicly. The chairman rejected immediately and insisted the word he said was pointing to a particular people in a particular case . Now all crop-growing machines has stopped operating and our civilized people ran into panic. The Union spokesman said the laywers murmur all day long and have no any real contribution to this new world. They kow they're stupid and have no real flair for mathematics and all kinds of creations, so they made a law banning all people saying the word "stupid". It's how they make their living. This time they've to make a law to ban the word"hungry". The other side, the lawyers' association is urging the police to arrest all Scientists Union members and charge them with murder.
Virtual Diary:Early in the morning, an official from the social welfare department rang my door bell and brought lots of food into my home. No kidding, really "lots of", including many bags of rice (I don't eat rice), boxes of spaghetti, corn flakes, canned sandine, smoke salmon, cheese, bread, .... and ... the man said it's enough for my two-month consumption. If I want to refill, just give them a call and the number will be valid until the strike is over. I feel strange ... should i say thank you ... now my home is more like a warehouse ... do they know how much time i've spend on decorating my home???!!! the worst thing is ... if the strike is over tomorrow... how to handle all those spaghetti, corn flakes, canned sandine, smoke salmon????
I also notice he's wearing a recently much hyped "pig" t-shirt. However watching him rudely stuffing all those things into my home, I knew his taste ...
These days all people in our heaven-like new world are living in harmony. The "professionals" look down on each other. "Free persons" live off social welfare, but they work hard on all kinds of artistic creations. The "little angels" (people aged below 18) are all worshipped by the adults and living in their own little worlds. The machines do all the production works. No one is superior to and cares about others, so no conflicts ... except when they all got an urge to possess a little angel.


(c) pinkwork

my mini leopard and beef steak ...

My mini leopard's body is hanging and swinging slowly in the air. It has no intention to release its mouth, neither me, to release my hand holding the beef steak. The instant it saw me took out this bloody piece of beef meat from the refrigerator, it jumped up and bite at its "prey". At this moment we're looking at each other, the atmosphere is getting tense. I know eating raw meat is its instinct but this piece of meat is very important to me also. This is the first time I learn cooking and the beef steak is a vital ingredient of the my dish. I want to grill a beef steak for my mother's dinner next month and so have to practise beforehand. It's my father told me mum love to eat beef steak very much. Quite an irony, I've never heard him said my mum love him very much. Its eyes are so determined and so are mine. I won't let my mini pet ruin my whole plan. Luckily, I still got one hand free and I begin to attack .... my fingers are scratching its belly ...

Lately I read a book. Several lines are very interesting. "The ancient indian caste system still exists in our new world. In our modern system, each caste is not distinguished by race, birth or wealth but our exaggerated self-esteem." ooh ... that maybe why my mother, father and I are now living in three different houses in three different countries ....

Dinner with my mother ...

what a surprise ! This morning i receive a call from my mother, says she'll come to my home to have dinner next month. It's the tenth time since I moved to this home. She is a renowed lawyer in the city, an "elite" in our new world society and a good mother in many ways. She would chat with me almost every night, about my health, my friends, my mini leopard and everything, of course through the message screen. I really want to live in her home but I dare not request. According to the law, I've such a right. But I remember two years ago when I was 12, I came across her on the street shopping with her friends happily. I ran to them and say "hi", as a daughter I naturally held her hand but she withdrew. From that moment on, I knew my existance might embarrass her. I'm not that bad. I just failed the compulsory "Intelligence Test" (a little below average) at 3 and now have a bland appearance. No, I personally think my big eyes are very attractive. Maybe I'm not a daughter could make her proud of, especially in front of her "elite" friends. She is a good mother however. She never blame me. I 'm sure one day if I became a top scientist, doctor, lawyer, business owner or any kinds of professional in this heaven-like new world . She would introduce me to her "elite" friends. But I'm sure that day won't come. I lack motivation to do everything and simply want to be a "free person", an artist ... like my father ... a man whom my mother said is the biggest regret in her life.
These days the machines do all the production works. The civilized adults could either be a "professional" or "free person". The professionals are all carving for perfection and could not tolerate any flaw. They just have two goals in their life ... looking for a non-existing "perfect mate" and compliments from the little angels.

(c) pinkwork novel

Suddenly a wild boar appears ...

The primitive people are wielding sharp knives, vow to torture the thousand-year-old tree to death. One of them who behaves most crazily, stabs the knife in hand straight into the trunk. Sap is pouring out along the knife handle and his hairy hand. An exaggerated painful cry burst out, from the civilized crowd beyond the restricted zone.
All giant shopping malls, public squares and open areas around the world are crowded with people. They are holding their breath, keep their eyes on the big screens in front. The others are either sitting in the coffee shops or sofa at home, watching their mobile players. At this moment, civilized people all over the world are all looking at the same screen. I just wake up, as usual turn on the message wall, so become one of them. The image on the screen is not so attractive, well, just a vast expanse of grassland standing a big old tree. The content provider has arranged different angle and distance shots for the audiences to choose. The news art director professionally selects only the most funny and emotional faces on the spot. Background music and sound effects are also perfectly added. However, this time the event developes so slowly and the tree cannot move, same image repeats again and again, audiences all got bored. I take a yawn.
I'm still halfly asleep, so too lazy to turn off the screen. My coffee-cup sized "mini leopard" sits on my belly, gazing at the screen, seems so intrigued. How could it be? It's just a laboratory created mini pet for civilized people to play, should not has any feeling toward its ancestors' habitat -- the African Savanna. Thirty minutes has passed, the tree keeps standing still. The whole world is like frozen. Suddenly a wild boar appears on the screen. Since it is too close to the camera. Firstly I see a big big nose, then two sharp tooth, a round belly .... In the midway, it stops for a while to eat the little sharp pink flower on the ground. Finally, its worm-like wagging tail is passing by the camera. The whole picture is so funny. I burst into laughter.

The voice-over narration is explaining the background of this thousand-year-old tree which rose to fame overnight. It's boring but several lines interest me very much.
"All inhabitants of the permanent green zone enjoys free education, medical, housing and food provided by the world government. The children there can play under the big trees all day round. The adults do not need to work. 99% of them are artists and writers. Yes, of course, no any construction work is allowed in the green zone. Even moving a stone with a diameter larger than 30 cm requires prior permission from the world parliament. Since the Green Bill passed 80 years ago, not a single permission has been granted. Yesterday a bunch of primitive people won the district election, their leader could not wait to carry out his promise at once. They're going to destory the oldest tree in the world ... "

These days all people in our heaven-like new world are living in harmony. The "professionals" look down on each other, but they're willing to donate a small proportion of their weaths to support this new world. "Free persons" live off social welfare, but they work hard on all kinds of artistic creations. The "little angels" (people aged below 18) are all worshipped by the adults and living in their own little worlds. The machines do all the production works. No one is superior to and cares about others, so no conflicts ... except when they all got an urge to possess a little angel.
那群原始人個個手拿著尖刀,誓要將千年古樹虐待至死。其中一個特別瘋狂的,率先衝前將尖刀直插入樹幹。樹汁即時源刀柄和長滿毛的原始人的手滴下。一陣淒厲的慘叫聲,是封鎖線外那群文明人發出的 ...

My Mini Leopard 迷你小花豹 !

My long awaited "mini leopard" finally arrived! I ordered it from MiniPets nearly 6 months ago, until this morning the courier finally brought it to my home. Its packaging's already been very attractive, a milky white square box with round corners. The sand matte surface is made up of some special rubber material, so smooth and slippery. But how to open it? search for a while ... ooh, get it ... simply put my thumb on the green spot, have my finger-print checked, the cover would automatically release.See, my "mini leopard" is sleeping peacefully on the greenish artificial sea-weed fibres. It's a mature "cat" but just has the size of a coffee cup, so cute and lovely. Touch it with my finger tip, is like a spongy, i can even feel its heartbeats. I thought of buying a "mimi zebra" or this year trendy hit "mini elephant", in the end couldn't resist the beauty of a leopard's body and spotted skin. Remember last month some extremists placed several bombs in the heardquater of MiniPets, many scientists were killed on the spot. I was worrying they cannot fix my order. Now the only thing I could do is to wait my "mini leopard" wake up. Turn on the "info wall". As I expected, it's full of "welcome screens" from my friends, mother, father and younger sister. I know, they just want to hear more about my "mini pet"from me, but one small square draw my attention. It's showing a sharp cone tower, the sky behind hundred fireworks explode. festival celebration? Enlarge the screen to see, ooh ... it's about the World Parliament passing a new law. These days the civilized adults are all trying to use their powers or any ways they thought of to please Us, the little angels +. However we have long indulged in all kinds of material desires, to be frankly, are not so care about their efforts. The news is repeating again and again, and I gradually fall asleep.
+ "Little Angels" is a term defined by a top sociologist 20 years ago, refered to young people aged below 18 living in the civilized region nowadays. The advance of science & technology and sharp decrease of population in the civilized world during the past 60 years, have made "resources per person" figure reach an unimaginably high. As a result everybody strives for perfection and could not tolerate any flaw. The adults are not willing to have offsprings until they found a perfect mate, that end up a vicious circle. In an ageing civilized society, the adults developed a complex feeling of worship toward the youth and are all eager for recognition and compliments from the youth. In their minds, the young people are as lovely and respectable as a "little angel".

已講了多次想親自寫一篇虛擬日記,因為沒有人迫,拖了又拖,現在終於弄好了(已登記版權)。 玩玩而已 ...

(C) pinkwork

Absolute Freedom Bill Passed ...絕對自由法案通過 !

After a marathon debate which lasted for 80 uninterrupted hours, the World Parliament finally passed the controversial Bill of Absolute Freedom by 301 to 200 this morning. The main principle of the bill is all people in this world shall have the right to live the life they want+. No governments, legal entities, public or private media or religion leaders shall impose or make any laws or create any social pressure that would infringe this basic right of human beings directly or indirectly.
From that moment on (today 1:40 AM, the time this bill was ratified++ globally), the law of marriage in all countries automatically became invalid. The marriage status records of all people in all identity and legal docu. databases worldwide will be deleted. Also children who have reached full cognitive development (the actual age is case dependent) have the right to name their own names including their family names, and choose either to live with their parents or in any government approved caring center they like. Their parents shall not intervene their choices by any means. The law would not ban any people from holding wedding ceremony, children calling their parents mother and ather, but all these are no longer legal matters.
This morning thousands of supporters of the bill gathered in front of the gate of the "Liberty Tower " which is the headquarter of the World Parliament and the tallest building in the world to celebrate their victory. They all said it is a great leap in the history of human rights which makes all people can live their life at free will and creates a new world very close to heaven. They also named it the "Ultimate Freedom". However, opponents argued marriage and family unit are vital to the preservation of morals and civilization. This bill will demolish the foundation of all social values and make this world too close to hell.

+ provided they are not doing any acts which are against the public interest. 他們的行為沒有違反公眾利益.
++ became part of the world constitution 成為世界憲法一部份.