Global Symbols Copyrights Association ...

These days the elites are so clever, that they set numerous rules to allocate 90% of the resources in this world to themselves. They call these rules "Law".

The machines are working so hard, that they could produce things more than we need. They call themselve "Human".
So the majority left (mediocre people) got nothing to do and live off social welfares. They call themselves "Artists".
See, people in this heaven-like future world are so perfect, that everyone is living in happiness and absolute freedom, including the Freedom of Laziness.
* some of the symbols in the above article, such as "%", "." etc. might be copyrighted materials. If the article is not for personal or educational purposes, the writer has to pay a HUGH amont of money to "Glbbal Symbols Copyrights Association". Again it was setup by a group of elites.
** whether the "mediocre" is against the "World Discrimination Law" is still under debate, so i have to give it a blanket.

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