A pink ant ...一隻粉紅螞蟻

one day in the future ...

Are you ok ? I knew today afternoon you would celebrate with your friends in that upclass restaurant we used to hang out and quite a concidence i was shopping nearby, so took this chance to come to see you and say "I wanna break up". ooh ... actually we had so much fun together ... i still remember last week we tided together on your "flying machine", then jumped from the spire of the "Liberty Tower". In less than a few second we were flying above the sea, waves were splashing onto my face ... it was so exciting. However that exciting feeling could not last for too long. Soon I feel bored again. I admire you got such an interesting job, live a meaningful life everyday. The reaction on your face was a bit wired. You was gazing at me in shock and your friends were laughing behind your back. I have no idea what you the elites were thinking about at that moment?

hey ... share with you an interesting piece of news, it happened one hour ago. The only crop-production machine programmer in this world was found hang himself on the spire of the "Liberty Tower". Another "the only" again ... "You said to me you're a crop machine programmer. Is he your colleague?" His top-naked body is now still hanging on the spire and swinging with the wind. On his chest, there is a big "ant" symbol in pink color. The police said he self-painted it before he committed suicide. People all over the world are now guessing what this "ant" symbol means? Why this elite scientist would get tired of this colorful new world.

I'm sure he was not tired of this world, on the contrary he loved it very much. See, he chose such a pretentious way to die, his intention is nothing but wants the other people remember him even after his death. Ha ... he don't know he'll fail, just a few days, people will completely forget him and his corpse. And the meaning of the "ant" symbol is so straightforward. It should be inspied by the mother nature ... this poor guy might think if he could live like an ant, is willing to be "one of" the many soldier or worker ants. Maybe he could find the meaning of living in this colorful new world.

These days every elite wants to be the "queen ant", wants to be "unique" and looks down on each other. Their ego suddenly boost to an extent that they begin to question the bible ... and suddenly be easily collapsed by a sentence of a little angel ... in the end he understood human being will become extinct soon. The process might not involve a big earthquake, fire balls falling from the sky ...or etc., it might be very slow and quiet. One day the crop-production machine stop running, nobody know how to repair it. The other day the murmur sound of the lawyers & politicians disappear, only the laughters of the little angels could be heard till they're all exhausted and fall down one by one. Corpses of the elites are hanging on the towers' spires, trees' tops and everywhere. But even without human, the ants would continue to exist for hundreds years. And why the symbol is in "pink" color? it's a beautified color of the fresh blood. Only that way an elite's body could keep clean.

What do you think about my analysis? As a "little angel", our time is spent on these trivial little things. What're you doing now ?