Abandon my Glass House ! 放棄我的玻璃屋。。

I decided to move to a new home, though I've lived at my current home for several months only. It's a nice place, a "glass House" in shallow sea zone . I could swim whenever I step outside my home. I could come to the roof of my house, enjoy the sea breeze while zipping coffee during sunset. At night I love to lay on my super-sized bed at my underwater bedroom. Draw apart the window curtain, I could watch groups of colorful coral fishes swimming around. I could play all kinds of water sports day and night. I should be very Happy. However I start feeling bored when everyday live like this.

According to the global constitutional law, every citizen aged over 16 has the right to "Own a Home". This "home" could be built or bought from the market. The World Government will provide me all the support either financially or technically. And I couldn't wait to enforce my "right" when I passed my 17-year old birthday last year. Originally I had designed a mushroom-shaped underwater glass house myself, and drafted some floor plans already. The World Government also send an architect and a civil engineer to help me. But I heard that it takes several years to get approvals from different departments, before I could actually get a license to build my dream house. So I finally decided to buy an existing one.

Every person could only has a free "Home" once in a life time (recently some politicians argue it should be 2 or 3 times.). After you own your first "Home", you could sell or exchange it with other people, and the World Government would even give the "little angel" (aged 16~25 ) citizens some renovation grants each time they move to a new home. I heard that some people made big money just by selling and exchanging their free Home. Of course I'm not a greedy person.

I've searched the "info wall", seen numerous 3D images and finally picked up a few choices. One is the recent big hit "ancient walled buildings" in Asia. These high density residential towers were once criticized by people in the old days that apartments in these buildings were too small and not suitable for human to live inside. The World Government had declared these building as monuments and forbid people to live inside.

Until two years ago, a bunch of young lawyer won a court case and successfully seized the ownerships of several lines of these walled buildings, many of them are located in Hong Kong, a bustling city hundreds years ago. They then hired celebrity designers to design and renovate interiors of these buildings, combined several apartments into one, so conformed to the "Human Living Space Protection" law. Now these re-packaged apartments have became "dream home" of the elites. Those top-notch scientists, engineers or lawyers said they get bored living at their spacious and isolated houses, and like the warm and bustling atmosphere in these "crowded" apartment buildings. They also like to encounter and talk to their neighbors every time they leave or come home.

I may probably choose one of these apartments to be my "next" home. The only thing that make me reluctant to leave, is the girl living near my home who would swim to my home every night. And she is naked every time. Why she doesn't like to wear clothes?

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