pinkwork Alien messages in a Book or other ...

Have written many more "Alien" messages related to this "Freedom of Laziness" creation,  but I will not post them here any more. Maybe in future, you could read them in a published hard-copy book or other "material" forms ... WHY? cause unlike us, I know humans who are living in a material planet and always prefer "material" things. / by pinkwork™ entity 

繼續約寫了更多關於這項文字創作的「外星訊息」,但不會再放在這裡。可能將來你會在一本出版的書籍或其他的「物質」形態閱讀到這些「訊息」。為何這樣做?因為我知道人類是在一個物質的星球上生存,偏愛物質的東西 ... 來自pinkwork™ 生命體訊息。 

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