An ancient Lazy-Star Flag 一片遠古的「懶惰星」旗幟

one day in the future ... To overthrow this perfect "new world" might be easy. The main problem is who will be responsible to invent and control those production machines afterwards, who will make those quirky laws to ban people from saying words like "lazy", "stupid", etc. to insult us? Don't expect me, a talented artist would do this kind tough & dirty job! And you're not a very intelligent "elite", why should I listen to your order? You'd better use this ancient Lazy-Star Flag logo to design a T-Shirt, and put them in those Worldwide fashion chain stores for sales. Oh, don't forget to print your signature or artist's name on this "artwork".

MESSAGE from an Elite : The "OLD" human murmur all day long, it's quite annoying. However we need to be considerate. Though we all hav
e passed the critical point of human genetic revolution, our intelligences are several times higher than them. But they're our ancestors, we have to protect them, just like what we've done to our wild animals. We have to setup many protective zones and let them live happily inside. They're not dangerous either, at least not so aggressive as a Lion or a Tiger. They just want to prove that they also have real contribution to this new world.

(c) pinkwork, REGISTERED

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