Woman Tycoon 's 1 million dollars bid for a Sperm Sample ... ! 競投精子!

My cup-sized mini pet leopard is sleeping sweetly on my thighs and I don't want to move my body to disturb it ... can't move and got nothing to do, I turn on the message screen. It's a live interview ... ... again.

"You spent 1 million dollars to bid an "another" man 's sperm sample to produce your offspring. Do you think it's an insult to your current boyfriend?" asks the celebrity journalist, hoping his first question could already provoke anger of the interviewee and so let him has more performance time. That celebrity journalist had been dubbed a "genius" journalist since he was 12. Now he is just a twenty-four year old man and has become the managing director of a multinational media group. Being the company director he needs not go to the frontline anymore, but this time his target is a fourty years old woman tycoon whose story has made headlines around the world recently, of course he would grap this golden chance to show off his talent.

In front of him is one of the world's 100 richest people, a confident woman who owns and runs numerous companies worldwide. Her companies also employed many of this "young talents" like him and the youngest one is just 15 years old. She knew very well the limit and naiveness of these " geniuses". She replies quietly "I like to call him My Husband."

"After the Absolute Freedom Bill, few people would use the word Husband ... well, it's up to you. Do you think you've insulted your ... husband ?"the celebrity journalist adds. The woman tycoon picks up a glass of green fruit juice on the desk, takes a zip. "refreshing." she says to herself and also tells her lawyer to make a try. Then her eyes turn back to the journalist and answers, "It's he who encouraged me to do this."

"He is impotent?" the journalist asks, with a cunning smile on his face.

"We have a nearly perfect sex life ! The doctor also prove his reproductive function is 100% normal. But rising a child is a serious matter, I hope my son or daughter will have a perfect and happy life."

"You think his gene is not good enough ? "

"He's young, sporty, a very talented artist. I think his gene should be quite good. But I always look for perfection. We human have evolved and need not be bound by the traditional family values. These values had long been proved a total failure !"

"If in future everybody do the same thing, nobody would produce their offsprings sexually."

"Would it be a problem ? In the ancient days we eat to survive, nowadays we eat to enjoy. SEX is the same. These days we need not choose a person who cannot give you sexual pleasure, but might be your offsprings' good mother or father to be your partner. Frankly, if I'm getting old,l I still like to make love with Little Angel young boys !"

"Your thinking is SO avant grade. You've successfully done the eugenics plan which many dictators in human history had dreamed of ! You think you were GOD ?"

Since the journalist has used the word "God" and the woman tycoon is an atheist. The lawyer teams on both sides have to discuss on the spot (studio) whether this word is against the "Anti-discrimination" law. So now on the message screen, I can only see two groups of lawyers, 20 people in total are talking with each other using professional terms, it's totally dull. Actually this situation happens quite often, no matter which chanel you choose to watch . That's why these days nobody like to watch Live programme. So am I ...

那個競投精子的女富商 ...

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