Dinner with my mother ...

what a surprise ! This morning i receive a call from my mother, says she'll come to my home to have dinner next month. It's the tenth time since I moved to this home. She is a renowed lawyer in the city, an "elite" in our new world society and a good mother in many ways. She would chat with me almost every night, about my health, my friends, my mini leopard and everything, of course through the message screen. I really want to live in her home but I dare not request. According to the law, I've such a right. But I remember two years ago when I was 12, I came across her on the street shopping with her friends happily. I ran to them and say "hi", as a daughter I naturally held her hand but she withdrew. From that moment on, I knew my existance might embarrass her. I'm not that bad. I just failed the compulsory "Intelligence Test" (a little below average) at 3 and now have a bland appearance. No, I personally think my big eyes are very attractive. Maybe I'm not a daughter could make her proud of, especially in front of her "elite" friends. She is a good mother however. She never blame me. I 'm sure one day if I became a top scientist, doctor, lawyer, business owner or any kinds of professional in this heaven-like new world . She would introduce me to her "elite" friends. But I'm sure that day won't come. I lack motivation to do everything and simply want to be a "free person", an artist ... like my father ... a man whom my mother said is the biggest regret in her life.
These days the machines do all the production works. The civilized adults could either be a "professional" or "free person". The professionals are all carving for perfection and could not tolerate any flaw. They just have two goals in their life ... looking for a non-existing "perfect mate" and compliments from the little angels.

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