farmers in the civilized world 文明世界的農夫們 ...

I'm working day and night to produce numerous resources for you. Why you mediocre people are still not satisfied? Have to compare yourself with those minority elites and insist to say you have the same contribution to this new world as them. Actually if you could live like the "little angels", to indulge yourself in all kinds of desires, you would be much happier.
Who am I ? I'm the Central Food Production system in the civilized zone. Most people living here don't know, I can think. It's not strange. I was designed by a group of genius scientists. The other people simply don't get the intelligence to understand ... even the most superficial thing about me. Actually the word "mediocre" has many objective and scientific definations. Since people in the civilized world have passed numerous laws to prohibit the usage of adjectives like "stupid", "ugly" and etc., gradually the ordinary people think they're not mediocre and begin to compare themselve to the minority elites. Just like this morning, I received a command to withdraw robots in one third of the farmland. A new law has just been passed limiting one tenth of the corp in the civilized world has to be produced in traditional way, that is by human labour. This morning I saw from my atmosphere monitoring system a ridiculous scene. A bunch of young people gathered on a large piece of farmland. They were all holding ancient farm tools and expressed brillant smile on their faces. They murmured they had broken the onerous constraints of modern civilization and found the real meaning of life. Few artists was sitting by the road and drawing the scene .
To be frank, what they're doing is a total waste of land resources. Luckily those genius scientists who created me just take a few minutes , they could easily think of a smart way to modify my algorithm and compensate this loss. The elites do not understand the happiness of these mediocre people. They're living in two totally different worlds. Maybe one day in an art auction, some of the elites would spend a huge amount of money to buy a few pieces of these drawings. Then the artists would be extremely happy and begin to despise those "farmers" in their paintings.
Why you're so eager to prove you have contribution to this new world ? Now I could do all the job for you and you should do nothing but enjoy your life. But you are still not satisfied and scared ... scared of what ? I would rule and control you one day ? Or those minority elites would despise you ? What's the meaning of ruling a group of mediocre people who are sre so stupid? ... and I'm not as lucky as you, I have no desire ... The elites won't care anything about you either ...

(c) pinkwork

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