evolved to extinction 進化到絕種

one day in the future ...

Is human herd animal? or we have evolved to be solitary. These days each of us lives like the ancient panda, is wandering lonely and aimlessly in the bamboo forest every day. Maybe one day you would come across a "same species" but you won't care. If it opens its mouth and humbly begs you for some bamboo leaves, you would give it some immediately, then quickly walk away without taking this same species a second glance.

At this moment you might think you were the creator of this forest and look down on every living creatures you have seen. You have become picky in choosing your food and your sexual partner. Yes, we all have successfully evolved to extinction, to completed the mission our GOD gave us thousands of years ago.

Look, a worn out "Lazy Star" flag is hanging high in a piece of bamboo. It might be left by a young revolutionist in the old days. I so admire our ancestors ... who all can live a meaningful life. Now we have no any government to overthrow, our "new" world are so perfect and so liberal ... if you still want to fight for something, the only way maybe to demolish the whole "new" world ... how come today's bamboo leaves taste so light ?

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