Worldwide General Strike ... 環球大罷工

Virtual News:In a recent court case, a 45 year-old scientist is charged with publicly claiming a 16 year-old girl be his girl friend. Even with the girl's consent, he has not obtained any psychologist assessment report on the girl's cognitive development beforehands, the scientist is against the "little angel protection law". Similiar case could be heard almost everyday. What made it develope into a big news is the prosecutor who is also the chairman of the world lawyers association.
He used the word "scientist weirdo" to describe the defendent in the court. It's this "identity descrimnative " word made scientists all over the world burst into anger. Scientists' Union decided to hold a worldwide general strike until the chairman apologize publicly. The chairman rejected immediately and insisted the word he said was pointing to a particular people in a particular case . Now all crop-growing machines has stopped operating and our civilized people ran into panic. The Union spokesman said the laywers murmur all day long and have no any real contribution to this new world. They kow they're stupid and have no real flair for mathematics and all kinds of creations, so they made a law banning all people saying the word "stupid". It's how they make their living. This time they've to make a law to ban the word"hungry". The other side, the lawyers' association is urging the police to arrest all Scientists Union members and charge them with murder.
Virtual Diary:Early in the morning, an official from the social welfare department rang my door bell and brought lots of food into my home. No kidding, really "lots of", including many bags of rice (I don't eat rice), boxes of spaghetti, corn flakes, canned sandine, smoke salmon, cheese, bread, .... and ... the man said it's enough for my two-month consumption. If I want to refill, just give them a call and the number will be valid until the strike is over. I feel strange ... should i say thank you ... now my home is more like a warehouse ... do they know how much time i've spend on decorating my home???!!! the worst thing is ... if the strike is over tomorrow... how to handle all those spaghetti, corn flakes, canned sandine, smoke salmon????
I also notice he's wearing a recently much hyped "pig" t-shirt. However watching him rudely stuffing all those things into my home, I knew his taste ...
These days all people in our heaven-like new world are living in harmony. The "professionals" look down on each other. "Free persons" live off social welfare, but they work hard on all kinds of artistic creations. The "little angels" (people aged below 18) are all worshipped by the adults and living in their own little worlds. The machines do all the production works. No one is superior to and cares about others, so no conflicts ... except when they all got an urge to possess a little angel.


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