AntiMatter Weapon 反物質武器

A senior researcher in the World Army Lab was arrested this morning for sending out a provocative message to his colleagues, though the message had been encrypted. Its contents is now widely spread on the world Message Wall which says, "Really Great! We have successfully produced a container for the New Weapon. It's time for us to think or consider seriously to use it to make us evolve faster, well, such as to eliminate the old spice. I know it's immoral. I know we should protect our our ancestors ,like the wild animals in the protective zone. But a lion or a tiger won't be so eager to prove that they also have real contribution to this new world. "

Many elite scientists speculate the "New Weapon" in this message refers to "antimatter weapon". When antimatter contacts regular matter, a hugh amount of energy will release. Antimatter weapon is much more destructive than traditional nuclear bomb, and will leave no any radiation or chemical traces. All living creatures or buildings being attacked will just "disappear suddenly".

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